Each river here is unique as they each drop & clear after a high water at a  different rate, combined with the varied run timing from river to river this  usually means the fishing  is just right on one or more of them. Every river  here has steelhead in excess of 20lbs in it during the winter. It's just a  matter of choosing which one is right at the time & going for it. If you are  planning to bring your own boat here & aren't familiar with our rivers I  highly recommend hiring a guide for your first time down most stretchs of these  rivers. Multiple boats are wrecked here each year.
Calawah: This small river is one of my  favorites. The difficulty of rowing the rapids keeps the pressure down & it  offers good numbers of native winter steelhead along with some hatchery  fish.

Clearwater:This is a medium size tributary of  the Queets receives less pressure due to it's remote location. I like to fish it  for fall coho & winter steelhead.

Bogachiel: The Bogie is known for it's large  runs of hatchery steelhead. It's easy to float in it's lower stretchs & is a  good place for new rowers to learn the ropes. I fish it for winter & summer  steelhead. It also carries good numbers of native steelhead & fall  salmon.

Hoh: This large glacially fed river is famous  for it's huge native winter steelhead & big runs of fall salmon. You can  catch a steelhead or salmon here any day of the year providing it's open &  fishable. It can be out for  weeks at a time do the glacial content & it's  many claybanks.
Sol Duc: This larger version of the Calawah  provides year around fishing. It's big rapids & wild fish bring anglers from  around the world. It has big runs of hatchery salmon with some hatchery  steelhead during the winter & summer. My favorite time to fish the Duc is  late April - June for it's spring chinook.